2023 Activity Report – Highlights


MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR OF THE BOARD AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The year 2023 marks an important milestone for the SDC...

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Decarbonizing Buildings: A Reality Knocking at Your Door


Environmental regulations and social responsibility requirements are evolving rapidly. Discover what our panelists had to say on the subject at...

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Territorial Marketing: Drawing People in Through Its Distinctive Identity


At our Real-Estate Forum held on February 6, our panelists considered ways of developing a true territorial attraction strategy. Discover...

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Urban agriculture: benefits and challenges


At our Real-Estate Forum held on February 6, our panelists discussed the theme of urban agriculture (UA). Discover the highlights...

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3 new murals in the DC: Requalification and urban art


The recent unveiling of three new murals has vamped up the District Central. The murals were completed this past fall...

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District Central Holiday Gift Ideas!


Another year, another season, another holiday… Christmas is just around the corner! This year, the SDC District Central would like...

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Le Grand Défilé District Central: The Image of a Business Community Promoting its...


Building on its long industrial tradition, the District Central continues to transform itself at breakneck speed to promote the growth...

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District Central Introduces French Businesses to North American Entrepreneurship


Dedicated to the international development of French businesses, the Paris-based organization Mieux Entreprendre recently chose District Central as its first...

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Our Metamorphosis in the Media


Our launch of La Prairie Louvain - the largest field of sunflowers on the island of Montreal - not only...

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La Prairie Louvain, the flourishing origins of a project


Phase 1 of District Central's Signature Intervention Plan was deployed in the summer of 2023. 10,000 sunflowers turned towards the...

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La Prairie Louvain: sunflowers for creating ties


  Reinventing an entire sector of the city is no small task, but it's also an inspiring challenge! Active since...

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Strengthening Ties Through Mutualization


On the initiative of the SDC and Communautique, several businesses in the District Central came together at Maison Marie Saint...

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Communautique Conjures up a Fab City in District Central


  A key player in the heart of the District Central, Communautique builds on the concept of Fab City to...

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When renewal and safety go hand in hand


The District Central - an iconic part of Montreal, long referred to as "Cité de la Mode"-  has witnessed the...

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The SDC is Hiring : Administrative and Member Services Coordinator


SUMMARY Job type: Full-time - Permanent Main job field : Administration Secondary field: Member Services Relevant years of experience: 3-5 years...

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2022 Activity Report – Highlights



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An Ethical Economic Charter to Guide Development in the District Central


The SDC District Central is participating this year in a pilot project developed by ELEMENTS Urban Planning. This project consists...

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In the News – The Migration of Artists to the District Central


  CBC's Debra Arbec focused on the results of a study conducted in the District Central, an exercise that sought...

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Creating Pathways


Mobility is intrinsically linked to development and land use planning. Together, these concepts define the environments in which thousands of...

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Proud Diamond X Centric Brands: When an experienced business and a start-up join...


Develop. Share. Prosper. These are the objectives of the District Central’s Connector of Opportunities project.  After a few years of...

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Iso-Protek: The power of a network


Develop. Share. Prosper. These are the objectives of the District Central’s Connector of Opportunities project. After a few years of...

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Comments by the SDC District Central | Draft by-law amending the urban plan...


The SDC District Central relies on a business community of some 2,500 companies that have been consulted on all the...

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Collaborative circles: Strength in numbers


  In keeping with its mission to humanize the business world by building bridges between the different communities working in...

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Ananké Inc: Leveraging strengths and overcoming weaknesses


Develop. Share. Prosper. These are the objectives of the District Central’s Connector of Opportunities project.  After a few years of...

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MTL Balance Board X My Cantine: A collaboration bringing production closer to home


Develop. Share. Prosper. These are the objectives of the District Central’s Connector of Opportunities project.  After a few years of...

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Three train stations in the heart of a bustling business district


  The District Central is a neighbourhood located at the crossroads of many public transit infrastructures: three commuter train stations...

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A new mural in District Central


Have you seen it yet?! What an extraordinary mural by Frères Lama, created in the spring of 2022 and located...

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Vacant Lot 50-150 Louvain West: Building for the future


650,000 square feet of vacant land just waiting to be developed. There are very few opportunities for a neighbourhood or...

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Labour Challenges: A New Human Resources Project for District Central Businesses


Montreal, June 8, 2022 — The Société de développement commercial (SDC) District Central unveiled and officially launched the new HR...

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Cansew, a thread in the neighbourhood’s history


As part of the District Central’s series on “local pearls”, the SDC is shining a light on the design hub...

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The District Central and e-commerce: A promising duo


A matter of affinity, attribute and opportunity, since 2018, the SDC District Central has made e-commerce one of the development...

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L’Entrelacs, a Winning Signature Project by Urban Planning Students at UQAM


After two months of work and consultation with literature and local experts, UQAM’s Urban Planning students presented their proposals to...

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The District Central, Where Design Shines


The District Central’s effervescent business community is home to no less than 1,800 businesses teeming with thousands of workers each...

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Opercule: A fish farm in the heart of the city


  Opercule: the very first recirculating urban fish farm in Quebec is starting up. Located in the District Central, the...

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Building New Alliances


It's 2018. The recently established SDC District Central is beginning to develop its business plan. From the outset, entrepreneurs who...

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16 Christmas Gift Ideas From the District Central!


Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is just around the corner! This year, the SDC District Central would like to showcase a...

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An Immense Vacant Lot With Great Potential Is Stirring Up Strong Feelings


Resting in the hands of the Ville de Montréal, the future of the vacant lot in the Chabanel sector of...

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ClickSpace: Finally, a complete space for e-commerce businesses


Work is well underway at 1 Chabanel Street West in the District Central. In just a few weeks, ClickSpace, a...

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Brasserie Silo: a mix of tradition and modernity


Both a brewery and a bar, Silo is located on Louvain West Street in the heart of the District Central....

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15 Terraces to discover in the District Central


Where to eat with outdoor seating in Ahuntsic-Cartierville Did you know that there is a wide range of restaurants in...

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The District Central: A booming hub for e-commerce


Businesses in the District Central are many and varied, ranging from jewelry to food products to decor. To stay relevant...

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Esplanade Louvain comes to life


After a dull summer in 2020, a pop-space will breathe new life into the District Central this summer. Esplanade Louvain,...

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Big Bloc: A passion for mushrooms


Established in 2019 in the offices of Centre Agricole in Montreal, the Big Bloc workshop is one of many examples...

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An urban cidery in the District Central


Born in 2020 in the midst of a health crisis, Cidre Sauvageon broke into the cider market with its first...

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Active Mobility at the Heart of a United Vision


The implementation of an active mobility project in the District Central did not come about by chance. In recent years,...

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A new mural for the District Central


Two years after paying tribute to Iona Monahan, a new mural was unveiled in the District Central. Designed by Cyrielle...

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Vignes en ville invests in the District Central


Led by Véronique Lemieux, the Vignes en ville project has expanded to the District Central, more specifically to Centrale Agricole’s...

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Where to eat your lunch in the greenery in the District Central ?


The good days are here. We can now take advantage of it, get some fresh air, enjoy the summer temperatures...

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District Central businesses pushing through the COVID-19 pandemic


In the tense context related to COVID-19, many Quebec businesses have started manufacturing masks to prevent the spread of this...

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List of companies offering sanitary equipment in the District Central


It is in adversity that heroes reveal themselves. Since the onset of the global crisis that has shaken our societies,...

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Marie-Chloé Duval: From criminology to painting


Marie-Chloé Duval’s journey has been anything but ordinary. In 2016, she decided to dedicate her life to painting…after earning a...

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Call for Tender – Website Development


The Société de développement commercial (SDC) District Central would like to retain the services of a web development firm to...

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They Chose the DC – February 2020


“Alone we go faster. Together we go further.” This saying holds true for the District Central, with the arrival of...

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Three District Central businesses are set to shine at MAGIC Las Vegas


Unique, exciting, must-see…For many in the fashion world, MAGIC Las Vegas is the place to be. We sat down with...

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melanie joly

La SDC District Central welcomes the appointment Mélanie Joly


Montreal, November 26, 2019 — The Société de développement commercial (SDC) District Central wishes to congratulate the MP for Ahuntsic-Cartierville, the...

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Terra Café: It’s a matter of taste


At Terra Café, coffee is a matter of personal taste. Located in the heart of the District Central, Terra Café...

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Focus on Femmes de Carrière: the trendy wardrobe


The adventure of the Quebec brand began between Albert Dayan and his father in 1976. While following the trends of...

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They chose the DC – novembre 2019


"Alone, I go faster; together, we go further.” This saying holds true for the District Central, with the arrival of...

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Recap of the Budgetary General Assembly on September 26, 2019


On Thursday, September 26, the Société de développement commerciale du District Central held its 2019 Budgetary General Assembly. The objective...

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SDC logo

They chose the DC – june 2019


“Alone, I go faster; together, we go further.” The old adage seems to be true for the District Central, with the...

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Bois urbain logo

Local pearl | Bois Urbain : the essence of integration


An indispensable business in social and professional integration in Quebec in the area of woodworking. Each year, Bois Urbain welcomes some...

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swing sdc

Swing ton Lunch; discover local tastes and sounds


Swing ton Lunch summer events officially kicks off on June 20 to the beat of jazz music. The stage is set...

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Grenouilles sdc

Staying active after work


Want to sweat a little after work without having to go far? You’re in luck. The District Central has everything...

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Programmatin estivale 2019

The District Central’s Summer Line-Up


The District Central’s summer programming will kick off on Thursday, May 16. Here is a look at what you can...

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Green-Haus logo

Marie-Pier Tessier De L’Étoile talks about Green haüs, the pop-up space of the...


Work, relax, network or have a good time. This is what Green haüs will be offering as of June 13 in...

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SDC logo

They chose the DC


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. That is a saying...

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Home nectar

The buzz about Nectar : bee-friendly monitoring


The health of honey bees is the driving force behind Nectar’s creation that is based on a remote beehive monitoring...

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terrain SDC

The business community speaks out on the future development of the vacant lot...


  At the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough council meeting on April 8, 2019, the Société de développement commercial (SDC) District Central tabled...

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Affaire Media Logo

Affaires Média: offering turnkey solutions


Nestled in the heart of the Chabanel area, an agency of experts is providing businesses with sound advice on digital...

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antoine sdc

Around the table with Antoine au Quotidien


A love for cooking goes a long way. After 10 years in marketing, Antoine Masson-Delisle has traded in his business...

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restaurant pho

Oriental flavours at Pho 99


For a quick and affordable meal, the tasty dishes at Pho 99, located on St-Laurent Blvd., are sure to tickle...

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Klar vision

Klar Vision: Clear vision without compromise


The good business sense of Chris Nercessian, Klar Vision’s shop manager, is a quality you can’t overlook. Established in the...

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Royal’s mixed concepts : eat-in or take-out!


For the past 6 years, Royal’s three travelling trucks have been canvassing Montreal neighbourhoods satisfying the tastebuds off foodies everywhere....

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Vêtements blank

BLANK Apparel : Investing in ethical fashion


On the 4th floor of 9333 Saint-Laurent Blvd., the clothing racks are a source of pride for Benoît Gariepy, co-...

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Bringing a touch of “zenitude” to Chabanel – Atelier Balance


In the heart of District Central, a place for spiritual awakening that embraces both the traditional values of hatha yoga...

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2.0 FOOD: Keeping a constant eye on local brands


Up-and-coming businesses in the agri-food sector should look no further! Since 2016, Michel Cantin, founder and President of the brokerage...

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Les Petits Monstres Rigolos: A daycare for the next generation!


A new generation of toddlers is growing up in the District Central. Under the watchful eye of Gigi Badir, the...

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Pilgrim: the clean lines of Scandinavian design


In the modern offices on Louvain Street, you have the privilege of meeting Robert and Roxane, two young Canadian entrepreneurs,...

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The Unveiling of the Mural dedicated to Iona Monahan: A First for Jacques...


Thursay, September 20, 2018 marked a milestone for the District Central. This fall day was a unique opportunity to pay...

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The Ministry of Cricket and Other Homeless Sports


A far cry from Parliament and any other government agency, it is possible to have some fun with a minister...

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Wheat in all its forms at festival Ste-Anne


On Sunday August 26, the streets of the District Central were a parade of unique floats, all in tribute to...

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A Portrait of a District Central family : Meet the Carbone


On Marché Central Street, I am enjoying my time with Tilda Carbone, Service and Client Development Manager at Desjardins Montréal...

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Enrico’s Italian Bistro


Recently renamed Enrico's Bistro Italien, Enrico Perugini’s restaurant promises its clientele a refreshing menu. Since 2012, Enrico, a child of...

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Maison Marie Saint Pierre


Located in the textile sector, Maison Marie Saint Pierre has an identity all of its own. Marie built the foundation...

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Bloc Shop, hop! Boulder!


The four owners of Bloc Shop have paved the way for bouldering enthusiasts on Chabanel West. Beginner and advanced athletes...

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Pixmob: The Visual Universe


In 2015, Pixmob set up shop in an old factory on Louvain Street. Transforming the crowd into a brilliant canvas...

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Cafe Gentile : a family story


Paolo’s family has passed down culinary skills from one generation to the next. Pictures hang on the dining room walls...

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Mélissa Nepton


In 2012, the Garment District welcomed a highly skilled and talented designer. Over the years, Mélissa Nepton collections have brought...

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Lufa Farms : Food Grown on Rooftops


Just steps away from Marché Central, the giant glass bell of Lufa Farms does not go unnoticed. Since 2011, this...

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Studio 3 Hair Salon


On the ground floor of the 555 building, the Studio 3 salon is never lacking clients. The trio, who are...

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Autour du pot: 221 Rue Chabanel Ouest


With summer fast approaching, we welcome the latest café-bistro to open at 221, rue Chabanel Ouest. Marie-Chantal Paquette, Owner, mixes up...

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Pascal Labelle’s furs


On the ground floor of the shop, Pascal Labelle’s furs hit your eyes. Treated by his outstanding technique, wolves, beavers,...

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