August 15, 2023

Call for Tenders: Development of a Digital Communication Tool

1.       Purpose of the request for proposals

The SDC District Central would like to develop a platform for exchange and collaboration between local businesses. This digital communication tool is intended to increase economic and social vitality by promoting connectivity between the various stakeholders of the territory: the SDC, businesses, economic partners and eventually citizens. It would be an infrastructure for exchanging and sharing goods and services, as well as information, skills and best practices, by connecting businesses so they can join forces and become more successful.

This quote specifies the needs of the SDC and the services expected from the selected service provider.

2.       Presentation of the SDC District Central

The SDC District Central is the catalyst and spokesperson for the Ahuntsic-Cartierville business world. It represents the driving force of 2,000 business leaders working together to develop a sector with high economic, urban and human potential. Its mission is clear: to breathe new life into this legendary neighbourhood, make it shine on a broader stage and propel it to the very top of Montreal’s economic scene.

The District Central’s development strategy and vision is born of a concerted approach, one that is shared by business leaders, elected officials and civil servants from within the borough. It is thanks to the mobilization of the business community that the SDC is able to transform the neighbourhood and meet the needs of businesses. It never misses an opportunity to get out in the field and connect with entrepreneurs and workers in this legendary district.

3.       Presentation of the District Central

The District Central covers three square kilometres, bordered by highways 40 and 15, and highway 40 to Sauvé Street. Montreal’s newest business district is comprised of five geographic sectors: Chabanel, Marché Central, Acadie, Sauvé and Saint-Laurent.

The District Central is the 4th largest employment hub in Montreal, with some 25,000 workers forming a growing business ecosystem. At its peak, the area has the potential to accommodate more than 40,000 workers.

4.        Background

The SDC District Central has always developed its territory by putting collaboration, co-creation and knowledge sharing at the heart of its strategies. It recognizes the added value of working in an ecosystem and uses the power of networking to accomplish many great things.

Ever since the pandemic turned the business world on its head, the SDC has put in place a recovery plan to respond more effectively to the new needs of the territory and its occupants.

The development of a digital communication tool was identified as one of the key projects in this recovery plan, as a way to connect all local stakeholders, promote the local offer, liven up the territory and breathe new life into this legendary district.

More than a simple digital communication tool, a platform of this kind could become the SDC’s central tool for developing its projects, communicating and improving its knowledge of the territory, and thus always responding to its constantly evolving needs.

5.       Mandate and Deliverables

The SDC is seeking a service provider to develop a digital communication tool in line with the strategic specifications set out in Appendix 1.

These specifications include:

  • Strategic objectives
  • An overview of the project with its target audiences and their needs
  • Expected functionalities and characteristics (prioritized)
  • Technical requirements (prioritized)

We are open to custom development plans or software-as-a-service to develop the digital communication tool.

Expected deliverables:

  • A functional platform that meets our needs
  • Support for the launch
  • Product support over the long term

Project schedule

  • Project to start in early November
  • Launch of platform by the beginning of Q2 2024

6.       Service Offer Document

The service offer document must include:

1) A presentation of the service provider including the following information:

  • Its understanding of the mandate
  • Its main experience(s) in similar projects
  • Its expertise in the development of a digital communication tool
  • The professional resource(s) assigned to the mandate and their respective experience
  • The proposed technology, development and implementation methodology
  • The ability to propose the required functionalities directly or with an alternative solution (see Needs Response Grid to include in Appendix 2)
  • A graphic simulation of what the platform could be (model, screenshot or other visual aid)
  • Development and implementation schedule

2) A breakdown of costs and conditions related to the mandate (implementation costs, recurring costs, training, contract duration, renewal conditions, etc.).

3) Any other information deemed relevant by the service provider.

7.      Selection Process

The service provider selection process will take place in two steps:

Step 1: Preselection of candidates who meet the selection criteria following an analysis of their service proposal.

Step 2: Concrete demonstration of the proposed solution (in the form of a customized demo or similar case) for final selection of the service provider.

8.       Evaluation Criteria for Bids Received

Bids received will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Evaluation criteria Score
Understanding of mandate, experience of resources and supplier in similar areas of development 10
Suitability of solution to needs, and ease of administration 35
Implementation process and schedule, training, post-implementation support and follow-up 20
Contract costs and conditions 25
Concrete demonstration of the solution 10

9.       Schedule

Publication of call for tenders: August 15, 2023

Deadline for submission of service offer: September 22, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

Preselection of service providers for step 2: September 29, 2023

Functional demonstration by selected service providers: October 18, 2023

Final selection of service provider: October 26, 2023

Mandate start date: November 2023

10.    Tender Submission Process

Service providers have until September 22, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. to submit their service offer by email to the SDC at [email protected].

For any questions related to the call for tenders, contact Mia van der Heyden by email at [email protected].

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